Preschool Program

Our preschool program is geared towards those 2 ½ to 5 years of age, however we are licensed for a mixed age group therefore we have limited spots available for children less than 2 ½ years of age.

The ratio of staff to children is 1 educator per 8 children for a maximum of 24 children per group.

As we are a bilingual centre, we ensure that we have 12 French speaking preschoolers and 12 English speaking preschoolers. This has been a very successful practice to ensure one language does not overtake the other.

Our primary focus is to allow the children to learn at their own pace and engage them in a relaxed and positive manner.  We encourage their natural curiosity by setting up play centres with learning opportunities that they can discover which develops the children’s sense of independence.  The play centres include sensory, fine motor, cognitive, language and early literacy, role play and gross motor activities.

The preschoolers are at an age where they are ready to take on more complex play and learning. We foster the children ideas and interests for learning by providing them with the tools and materials that they need to put forth their imaginative vision into play.

Through our daily routines and transitions the preschoolers are learning how to live among a group which involves many social interactions and self-help skills.   We see the children as competent and capable therefore we inspire the children’s self-esteem by allowing them to learn by teaching them how to achieve all their goals big and small and cheering them on at every step of the way.

Sample Schedule for Preschoolers


This schedule may be modified to best suit the needs of the group

07:45  –  08:30    Arrival and play based centers

08:30  –  09:10    Snack

08:30  –  10:00    Play based centers

09:55  –  10:00    Tidy up time

10:00  –  10:15    Circle time / Bathroom routine

10:00  –  10:30    Dressing routine

10:30  –  11:30    Outdoor play

11:30  –  11:45    Undressing routine / Washing hands

11:45  –  12:30    Meal time

12:30  –  12:45    Bathroom routine / Look at Books on bed

12:45  –    2:45    Rest period

2:45    –    3:00    Bathroom routine

3:00    –    3:45    Snack time and play based centers

3:45    –    4:00    Dressing routine

4:00    –    5:15    Outdoor play

5:15    –    6:00    Bathroom routine, story time and play-based centres

6:00                     Departure – Daycare closes

"A safe place to grow"

"Un endroit où il fait bon grandir"

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